Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Daydream Believer

I have an addiction: It's taking over my life, it's preventing me from fulfilling my dreams and I can't escape from it.

My name is Sinead and I'm a daydreamer.

Don't get me wrong; daydreaming can be the most wonderful pastime in the world and I genuinely mean that. Getting lost inside your head with you as the boss, dreaming up the most vivid scenarios and settings is such an amazing experience and one that i regularly set time aside for. Yes seriously! Daydreaming can spice up the daily toil of commuting and it gives me a bit of relief from the dreary reality of the 9 to 5. Of course as we all know, for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction, and I have been known to miss my turn off on the motorway as a result of my "head in clouds syndrome". Woopsie.

The problem is that hours, days, even weeks of my life have been dedicated to my most favourite of all hobbies: the evil temptress that is daydreaming.

Let me put it this way - I first thought up the idea of my novel in December 2008. I'll never forget that feeling - it was literally like a bolt out of the blue, a shiver of excitement down my spine. I had just handed in an assignment on Mental Health in my final year of college and suddenly an idea popped into my head about life after death, the idea of "heaven" and what it means to die (I'm not going into all that now, I can't give away everything yet, we barely know each other!) and i literally scribbled ideas down until a few hours later I had a perfectly formed idea for a novel in my head. Beginning, middle, end, character profiles, setting, themes etc...

Fast forward, present day: May 2012. Have I finished my novel? Nope. Have i written a partial draft? Nah. Have i even written enough of the basic few chapters to send to potential agents? Pffft - hell no!

So in three and a half years, what have i done? Well, I've daydreamed, that's what I've done. I've imagined the feeling of putting that last full stop after the end word in the final paragraph. I've dreamed about a literary agent frantically ringing me telling me that she can't possibly refuse me, that my novel is THAT good. I've spent quite a lot of time deciding who will play my characters in the motion picture production and I've carefully considered who could produce and direct the film (I'm hoping that I can tempt Clint Eastwood out of retirement to direct it. Once Clint is in, I reckon Steven Spielberg is a shoe in for executive producer). And yes, I've practiced gracefully and tearfully accepting my Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, while wearing a floor length designer gown, the cameras watching my boyfriend proudly embracing me before i embark for the stage.

I told you I can dream!

You see, this is the crux of my problem: thinking about all that is so much more fun than actually parking my ass at the desk, powering up the laptop and writing, writing, writing. Writing through the blanks and persevering at it. But no matter how productive (or unproductive) my writing session is, I get an itch to daydream.

Daydream is the double edged sword - it provides me with passion and that bolt out of the blue inspiration that i earlier mentioned, but at the same time it draws me away from the actual craft and practice of writing. My relationship with daydreaming can be summed up by the U2 song "With or Without You." Cheers Bono. Actually, maybe Bono could provide the soundtrack to the movie version of my book.... No Sinead, stop it!!

So anyway, this blog is my antidote, for want of a better word! I'm hoping that by publicising my attempts at writing a novel (or lack thereof!) I'll actually have to write and forget about daydreaming, as hard as that may be. So I need you guys to spur me on, pressure me into completing it and nag me for procrastinating!

But I'm still allowed to daydream on my commutes... That's when daydreaming is my saviour. I just need to start remembering when to exit the motorway. If i can conquer that I know I'm a step closer to beating this terrible affliction.


  1. I reckon Sinead getting a routine may help you. Pick an evening everyweek where you will write. some go to the gym on a monday, some go play football on a tuesday without fail. maybe a wednesday evening can be a writing evening?
    Pick an evening, lock in a few hours and go for it. Make a nice cuppa tea, some chocolate and power up that laptop. maybe even pick the same location everytime too? just some thoughts...

    good blog entry too!


  2. Thanks guys!

    You're right Scott you have your week timetabled and it keeps you fit so perhaps a fixed slot would help. My location is the spare back room, I need to get a kettle, fridge and lock myself in.

    Ta for the hints, keep at me and I'll name a character after you! ;)

    1. Oi! I better have a character named after me too!! ;)

  3. Yay! I'm dying to get my hands on that novel ever since you told me the story line in college and promised to give me the first few chapters (which I'm still waiting for!) stop day dreaming and get writing that Novel so I can finally read the ending!! Oh and Wednesday's cannot be your writing day as that is usually when we go out for dinner! So your better making it a mon/thurs!! :) good look with the writing!! :)

  4. HAHAHAHAH Brillaint Sinead! Cant wait to read the next chapter! So get writing!!! :) x

  5. You can do this. :) Looking forward to splattering about in the mud in the trenches with you.